Fiscal Responsibility

It is unfair of us to shoulder our children with the crushing weight of our current debts. With the White House's deficit spending, we will be shoving these burdens onto not just our children, but our great-grandchildren. I firmly believe that our government should operate with a "pay as you go" philosophy to ensure that we balance the budget every year.

This can be done without cuts in our social services if we allocate our money more intelligently. First and foremost, we need to end the war in Iraq. As long as we are spending 12 billion a month on the war effort, true fiscal responsibility is impossible. I have publicly denounced our invasion of Iraq in January 2003, and I am a signatory of the Responsible Plan to End the War. The sooner we extricate ourselves from that quagmire, the sooner we will be able to realistically plan for our future again.

We need to create a tax system that is transparent, progressive, and above all fair. Our structure has been twisted by the attitude of "pay to play" that rules Washington. I will co-sponsor a bill rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. I will also work to end tax breaks for corporations that are doing little to benefit our economy. Employers who take advantage of flawed trade agreements to move jobs overseas shouldn't be given tax credits, and companies who pollute our air and water shouldn't expect the government to clean up their mess for them. I will strip those companies of their benefits, and redistribute our resources to support corporations who are creating new jobs and developing green technology.

These steps alone will return us to the budget surpluses of the Clinton years.

I have a long record of conscientiousness on fiscal issues. I authored the largest single tax rebate for Virginia families as a member of the House of Delegates, and was recognized by the Concord Coalition for my responsible budget votes while in Congress.