Bringing the Troops Home: A Plan for Iraq

Many Republicans seem almost surprised by the continuing failure of our policies in Iraq. I am not. It was clear to me from the beginning that the White House was rushing to war at the expense of intelligent foreign policy. I joined 75 other former congressmen in calling on President Bush to put more effort into economic and diplomatic efforts before the invasion - the only candidate in this race who took that stand publicly before we attacked. Read more »

Easing the Burdens of Recession

Good economic times in this country came to an end as soon as George W. Bush took office. In the last seven years, we've seen the greatest peacetime economic expansion in our history undone by endless price hikes and outsourcing. The White House's borrow-and-spend financial policies have driven this country further and further into debt. Citizens here in Virginia and across the country are having a tough time getting to work in the morning and feeding their families. In the wealthiest nation in the world, this is unacceptable. Read more »

Guaranteeing Health Care for All

An extraordinary number of Americans do not have basic access to the care they need because they either lack health insurance or are paying for inadequate coverage. The White House's response to this challenge has been to strip $50 billion dollars from the State Children's Health Insurance Program and to attempt to block grant Medicaid. Clearly, it's time for a different type of leadership. Read more »

Securing Our Nation, Protecting Our Liberties

The American people were told that we were invading Iraq as part of the War on Terror. I publicly urged the White House not to take this disastrous course because I was among those who believed the Iraq War and subsequent occupation would do more harm than good. Read more »

Giving Our Kids the Tools to Succeed

This country has been a beacon of freedom and opportunity because it has invested in people through public education. Tomorrow's great innovators come from today's great schools. To maintain America's tradition of excellence, we need to address the education challenges of the 21st century. Read more »

Our Environment - No Time to Waste

The debate over global warming is over. Virtually every responsible scientist accepts that we are in a period of rapid climate change, caused by human activity and generating disastrous short- and long-term consequences. Even the Bush Administration is starting to recognize that its lack of action on this issue has been irresponsible. In recent years, we have gotten a glimpse of the damage caused by our actions. If we don't act now, we'll see much worse. Read more »

Putting Dulles Rail Back on Track

Creating better transportation options is a major challenge facing Virginia's 11th District. Throughout my career I have been a strong advocate for public transportation, serving on the Public Works and Transportation Committee in Congress and pushing for the Virginia Rail Express project as a delegate. I am dedicated to finding options that are convenient, economically beneficial, and environmentally friendly. Read more »

Stepping Up to the Plate on Immigration

America's unsecured borders, undocumented immigrants and expired visas have been in the national spotlight since September 11, and remain a challenge to national security. The federal government shirked its duty on these issues. Their dodges have fed racial tensions, left thousands of families in limbo, and forced local governments to search for solutions to problems they are not equipped to handle. Read more »

Taking Better Care of Our Veterans

As the war in Iraq has dragged on, it has become increasingly difficult for the White House to recruit our young men and women for military service. Why should they take up such a dangerous profession when we offer so little incentive for them to do so? The Bush Administration has relied on the ghastly stop-loss policy to keep a minimum number of troops in the field. Funding for the VA health care system has been dramatically cut just as that system has to care for a new wave of veterans. Our mental health services for those suffering from serious injuries or PTSD are disgracefully underfunded. We're doing less and less for Americans on the front lines, and it needs to stop. Read more »

Fighting for Virginian Women

When I was first elected to Capitol Hill on November 3, 1992, I wasn't just the first U.S. representative for this district - I was the first woman ever to win a congressional race in this state. It was a great honor, but also gave me a great responsibility to continue doing all I could to give women a voice for our issues. I first became politically active as a member of the League of Women Voters in the late 1970s, and I've never lost sight of the things we worked for: equal rights, equal treatment, and greater opportunities for our families. Read more »

Fiscal Responsibility

It is unfair of us to shoulder our children with the crushing weight of our current debts. With the White House's deficit spending, we will be shoving these burdens onto not just our children, but our great-grandchildren. I firmly believe that our government should operate with a "pay as you go" philosophy to ensure that we balance the budget every year. Read more »

Campaign Finance Reform

I am disgusted with the pay to play attitude that rules Capitol Hill. Reforming our tattered campaign finance system will go a long way towards ensuring that everyone has equal access to our public officials. I am willing to consider any idea on how to make the campaign process less expensive, more transparent, and more open. Read more »

Promoting Public Health and Safety

I have long been involved in the fight for expanding consumer protection and doing more to promote public health. The struggle to more closely regulate the use of tobacco and alcohol cuts to the heart of both of these issues. Read more »